When improving your wellness, it is best to take a holistic approach, healing the whole body from the inside-out. At Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, we are proud to help the men and women in Pueblo and all of Southern Colorado by educating them on how they can meet their individual health needs in an economic and sustainable fashion. Below, you can find information on different methods we recommend to eliminate toxins and improve your health, wellness and natural beauty.

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Your Health

Wellness and Health Improvement Pueblo, CO

Detox Program

Today more than ever we are exposed to toxins and pollutants on a daily basis, both in the air and in the food and beverages we consume. A detox not only helps your body lose weight, but it also helps remove toxins from your liver and kidneys. You can then replace those toxins with the nutrients your body needs. If you feel fatigued or are experiencing problems with your skin, allergies, stomach, or menstrual cycle, you may need to detox. Give us a call today at 719-543-5000 for additional information about our detox program.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Shinn and her team are dedicated to providing functional medicine to patients. We take the time to understand each patient’s individual problems, so that we can take a holistic approach, healing the whole body rather than just individual systems. This helps promote long-term health as well as overall wellness and vitality. Through patient-oriented care, an integrative approach based on science, and using best medical practice, we work to both educate and heal our patients.

Our process includes:
• A detox program

Instant Pain Ease

Dr. Shinn has created an Instant Pain Ease Treatment based off of Trigger Point theory by Janet Trevell, MD and Pain Neutralization Technique by Stephen Kaufman, DC. It involves utilizing hand pressure away from trigger points that are causing pain. This helps block the pain signals from travelling to the brain, because the brain processes that you are being touched rather than processing the pain. This treatment can be used for both acute and chronic pain, and the amount of treatments you need will depend on the severity of the pain and the number of trigger points associated the pain.

PEMF Pain Management

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) helps to reduce chronic pain by using an electromagnetic field on the body, which improves cell ability to absorb oxygen and eliminate toxins. It also improves blood, lymph and fluid flow through the body, which promotes healing and reduced pain.

For any questions about how you can improve your wellness, or to request an appointment, contact us today at 719-543-5000!

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