About Us

Our team at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa in Pueblo, CO is committed to the health and wellbeing of patients. We offer a wide range of aesthetic procedures, cosmetic surgeries, and wellness treatments, such as hormone therapy and nutritional supplements. By working closely with each individual patient, we determine the treatment that would be most beneficial for you, while educating you on how to maintain your health and youth. We are proud to help the men and women of Southern California increase their wellness and confidence!

Our Knowledgeable Team is Here to Help You Feel & Look Your Best

Rina Shinn, MD

“I love my work. Every time I work with patients, I get to enjoy seeing them leave happy and confident”

Since she started her first practice in Pueblo Colorado in 1997, board-certified…

Renee Skube, Medical Aesthetician

Responsibilities at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa:

I have been the receptionist and assistant for Dr. Shinn since April 20, 2015. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know all our…

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