Subconscious Weight Loss Issues

At Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa Dr. Shinn has helped numerous patients uncover subconscious weight loss issues that prevent them from meeting their weight loss goals.

There are some of us who would like to punch the nose of all the weight loss gurus who claim that it is so easy to lose weight because all you have to do is eat right and exercise often.  Some of us want to scream at them that it is NOT easy, because we’ve tried and tried and the suggestions don’t seem to work.

A lot of us are highly successful, intelligent people in society; we don’t fit into the stereotypical model of a slouching couch potato and we are extremely active and busy; we may juggle many jobs and responsibilities and we are reliable and dependable.  We are high achievers in the community and go-getters.

So the question is why do we have such a hard time with weight issues? 

In cases like this, we need to find the hidden cause of our weight problems.  Quite often it is due to deep psychological complexes that we have tucked away in our subconscious that is blocking our conscious efforts.  These may include any childhood or adult trauma, quite often involving sexual abuse, or childhood programming and self-protecting behavior.  For instance, if there was any painful relationship with the opposite sex, one might decide not to deal with the whole issue by making oneself unattractive by being overweight. These issues are insidious and persistent.  Any casual attempt such as a New Year’s resolution will not touch these deep seated problems. 

The only way to handle them is acknowledge that they exist and learn to cope with them.  This usually is accomplished with help of skilled therapists whom Dr. Shinn refers patients to. 

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