Power Pops

Adonis Aesthetics Now Carries Power Pops   

A sweet way to lose weight

Power Pops are the suckers that are taking Hollywood by storm.


Power Pops help suppress your appetite and food cravings as well as help increase your energy level, and help you burn fat and calories in a safe, natural way.  


The secret ingredient is Hoodia, which has a natural ability to help curb your hunger cravings and works with receptors in your brain to signal satisfaction.


The all-natural, great tasting, Power Pops can stop cravings in their tracks fast without loads of sugar or carbohydrates so you can go about your day completely satisfied.


Advantages of Power Pops  

  • Taste great
  • Help to burn fat
  • Are not messy powders or shakes
  • Can be taken anywhere
  • Work quickly
  • Are a unique delivery system
  • All-natural ingredients

Suggested Use:


One Power-Pop 30 minutes before each meal, with water, to suppress appetite or as needed to curb cravings or for energy. Water activates the ingredients AND helps your body flush the fat away.    


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Power Pop Testimonies

J.C. had a terrible sweet tooth. She grew up having a dessert after every evening meal.  Power Pops allowed her to have something sweet, without a lot of calories.  Plus, the appetite suppressant helped her to no longer snack in the evenings.

A.A. has had a really good experience with the Power Pops.  Over the weekend, she went to a Christmas party and was satisfied with only one small plate of food.  She even lost 2 pounds over weekend.