Argentyn 23 – Silver First Aid Spray, Gel or Drops

Argentyn 23 – Professional, Homeopathic Silver First Aid Spray, Gel or Drops

The ONLY First Aid Product You’ll Ever Need

Across the globe, for thousands of years, silver has played an essential role in safeguarding human health.  It is the most effective antibacterial and antiviral immune enhancing product of all time.

Dr. Shinn’s Two Main Recommendations for Argentyn 23

1. All parents can now toss their over-the-counter antibacterial ointments (Like Neosporin). The overuse of these types of products only contribute to the drug resistance in our body over a period of time.


Instead, Argentyn 23 is a natural solution to provide safe and effective healing for minor cuts, scrapes, minor burns, bites, bruises, and minor skin infections.

Here’s How Argentyn 23 Works To Help Minor Wounds Heal Fast

  1. Reduces topical pain.
  2. Calms minor skin inflammation.
  3. Fights minor skin infection.
  4. Promotes healing of the skin.

2. During cold and flu season, or any time your immune system needs support, Dr. Shinn recommends the Argentyn 23 Fine Mist Spray.  Argentyn 23® is formulated to be a safe immune support system for the whole family and support the body’s innate healing process. 


Use it twice a day (2 pumps in the morning, 2 at night) to decrease cold symptoms as well as help prevent future illness.


Argentyn 23 is available only through licensed practitioners.  It is available in Southern Colorado at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa, Pueblo. 719-543-5000