Needle (Subcision) Rhytidectomy for Glabellar Frown Lines

Needle (Subcision) Rhytidectomy for Glabellar Frown Lines

Glabellar or frown lines are deep vertical folds that occur between the eyebrows as a result of frowning. Much like forehead lines, as we age these frown lines become more prominent. Persistent or deep frown lines often may cause individuals to look angry, stressed, tired, intense or concerned. Elimination of frown lines leads to a more rested, approachable and fresh appearance.

Some frown lines are so deep that no amount of Botox will relax or erase them.

For these frown lines, Dr. Shinn of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa performs a simple and effective procedure: Subcision with a No-Kor needle.


The needle has a small sharp scalpel like tip that goes under the glabellar line and cuts the fibrous bands. This, in turn, causes bleeding into these newly created spaces. The trauma and the blood causes collagen synthesis and significant improvement of the frown lines.


The principle around this method for line reduction is that it breaks down the fibrous tissue that has secured the damaged skin to the underlying tissue. By freeing up the skin away from the tissue underneath, a smoother, more even complexion is created.

The procedure is quite simple and very effective.  Downtime is minimal and even patients with sensitive skin and an olive complexion may benefit from the procedure.

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