Liquid Silicon

Liquid Injectable Silicone


Nothing is quite as beautiful as soft, smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

Unfortunately, skin changes are part of the natural aging process. You may not need a face lift or any other surgical procedure to have young-looking, smooth skin and full, shapely lips. In fact, the most natural-looking way to enhance lips and fill wrinkles and aging grooves, including those below your eyes, is with injectable facial fillers.


Why is Silicone an ideal filler?

Silicone is PRECISE AND PERMANENT. Silicone can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as Botox, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels or facial surgery, helping to create a rejuvenated, natural-looking, smooth appearance. And again, the results are permanent.

What, you thought Silicone was unsafe?

None of the stories about Silicone errors are from the specially trained doctors who use FDA approved “medical grade” liquid silicone but from the people of all kinds of background (nurses, injectors, etc.) who might be using substandard silicone or industrial grade silicone which can cause a humongous reaction in body with resulting deformity, infection, and worse. That kind of mishap never happened with “medical grade” pure liquid silicone.

Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Aesthetics was trained in Liquid Silicone Injection by Dr. Jay G. Barnett, M.D. who has 40 years of personal experience using medical-grade liquid injectable silicone off-label as a filler material. During this time, he has treated many thousands of patients with excellent results.

Are micro-injections of Silicone legal?

Yes. The FDA has approved the use of silicone as a medical device.

How do micro-injections of Silicone work?
Using a very small needle, silicone is deposited in micro-droplets at multiple points under the skin to fill in facial contour defects.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will depend on the depth and nature of the depressions being treated and the severity of those areas. Most patients do not receive their complete level of improvement during their first visit.
After the physician marks the areas to be injected, the injections are performed under topical anesthesia, usually with the patient sitting in a comfortable upright position.
The material must be delivered using a microdroplet serial puncture technique in which small volumes of the liquid silicone.

Treatment is usually done in a series of two to five sessions at least one month apart, depending upon what is being corrected or augmented. This approach helps to avoid overcorrection and has the advantage of helping to minimize the total volume of silicone used.

Typically, you will notice more improvement with each treatment. As you approach your desired result, treatments can be spaced at longer intervals of time between treatments.

Will the injections hurt?

Even though silicone is injected through a very small needle and does not cause much discomfort, we prefer to use a specially-formulated, topical local anesthetic ointment for patient comfort.

What will I feel like after my treatment?

After your treatment, you can expect to go back to your daily routine immediately. There is no downtime. Discomfort is minimal. Slight swelling may be present after the treatment, but this will subside in a few days. Occasionally, there can be some bruising, which can be covered with make-up immediately.

What areas can be treated with Silicone?

Micro-injections of FDA-approved, medical grade liquid silicone offers a safe and long-lasting
alternative to other short-lasting tissue fillers. These injections are placed within or beneath your skin where your body accepts it as its own.

We can treat:

  • Acne scarring and other depressed scars
  • Grooves going from the nose to the mouth corners
  • Fine creases and deeper grooves around the mouth and chin
  • Fine lines and grooves on the neck
  • Hollows and grooves around the eyes
  • Hollows in the temple areas
  • Aging grooves on the hands
  • Corns and calluses of the feet

Can Silicone be used for making your lips fuller too?

As people age, there is a tendency for lips to lose volume. Additionally, some people are born with smaller or tighter lips. Silicone can be used to subtly enhance and restore lip volume, while providing a natural feeling.

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