February 15th, 2011 7:18 pm

Despite an active lifestyle, liposuction patient finally rids her body of stubborn fat pockets

Even though Nancy L. was very active with Zumba and fitness classes, once she hit menopause, she developed stubborn fat pockets on her hips and thighs that just wouldn’t go away. She was discouraged and didn’t like that her clothes were too tight.

Nancy opted for the Body Jet liposuction procedure with Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Aesthetics. Her experience with the surgery was fantastic, especially the recovery because it was so quick. Nancy only needed a few Advil during her recovery. Today, Nancy is beyond thrilled that her clothes fit much better.

Nancy really appreciated Dr. Shinn’s compassion and follow up care. “Dr. Shinn has great concern for her patients. She is a wonderful surgeon.”

Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Aesthetics is the first surgeon in Colorado to provide Body-Jet, Water-Assisted Liposuction.
Body-Jet is a new liposuction method that uses a thin, fan shaped water jet that is channeled into the fat tissue. Blood vessels and nerves are not damaged. Body-Jet essentially flushes the fat instead of destroying it. As a result, the fat easily loses its structure and is released. The fluid used in the procedure carries an analgesic for pain and a vasoconstrictor to minimize bleeding.

This results in very effective fat removal without the trauma and distortion associated with traditional Liposuction. The results are excellent. The patient stays awake during the procedure, allowing the surgeon and patient to reach the desired results much better.

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