November 11th, 2010 6:51 pm

Adonis Diet Inspired by Dr. Shinn’s Post Baby Weight Gain

Having postponed my family making until my professional training was all done, I found myself dealing with babies and toddlers when my friends from high school were becoming grandmothers.

There are definitely good points of being a mother at a later age; it afforded me more patience and appreciation of the children and I didn’t have to fear that the child rearing was interfering with my own education or career building. On the other hand, the body was definitely taking its toll.

It is a challenging job to be a mother of very small children; they do have boundless energy and constant curiosity that demands unrelenting vigilance on the part of parent. To accommodate that, especially on top of the usual demands of the job and household managing can be extremely taxing.

The more difficult part was accepting the fact that my body is forever altered due to the baby making. I have put endless hours working before as a medical student and a resident as well as a practicing private surgeon, but I didn’t have to volunteer my body for the duty. Suddenly I now have a body that is no longer recognizable as my own body; extreme weight gain, joint pain and degeneration, and emotional ups and downs. Although I learned of all these possible changes as a physician, it was something altogether different to experience it at a personal level.

The weight gain was very difficult to address. This is the same story I hear from so many people. Weight gain after age 35 is hormonally and evolutionarily promoted and the usual trick I used in my youth to revert the weight gain was no longer effective. Added weight also led to a joint problem that required constant medication, including narcotic ones and ended up with two minimally invasive procedures. The altered body image along with the public perception of an obese person was something that would make any normal person depressed, and more so for the post partum, exhausted mother.

I realized that all my professional (medical and surgical) training was not helping me much for my own problem. Even for the weight gain which is gripping the majority of American population, there is a little consensus in what is correct way to handle it. I had to be trained in bariatric medicine in order to help myself achieve a 40-lb-weight loss over the course of a few years.

It was a rather painful process of reversing the bad eating habits I had throughout my life. Eating randomly and erratically, skipping foods at will, eating food from situational clues rather than nutritional ones, and sacrificing the diet in general in order to accommodate the hectic life of a surgeon had to all be abandoned.

The training and the lessons I learned have formed the basis of Adonis Diet that I am currently offering for my patients. I emphasize that diet change has to be a life-long change like a marriage and not one night stands. Any diets with restricted food, or pills, or medications will produce a weight loss but without the behavioral changes, every ounce that was lost will come back with vengeance, once the diet is over… not different from a bad one night stand. But like a marriage, it is a constant work in progress to achieve a healthy diet that will liberate oneself so that one can focus on life and not on weight reduction.

During the 10-Week Adonis Diet, you will learn how to eat properly:

  • How to be engaged in your parasympathetic nervous system and how to listen to your GI hormonal signals that tell you when you are hungry and when to stop eating.
  • When to eat, and how to fit multiple eating into your schedule.
  • How to stop eating when the calorie intake is adequate.
  • How to prepare food in as natural a state as possible.
  • How to eat in a proper setting and how to give proper respect for eating.

You will also gain an appreciation for the flavors of natural food, devoid of all the artificial flavorings or sweeteners.

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