Tracy Elias

Tracy Elias, Front Office Manager/Medical Assistant at Adonis Aesthetics


Responsibilities: To be a part of an amazing team, greet and check out guests, and help Dr. Shinn, David, and Katie with whatever they may need.


Favorite Skin care tip/wellness tip: If you are putting lotion on dry skin, you’re just softening dry skin, you have to exfoliate you skin, then moisturize it so the lotion and oils have somewhere to go.


Where did I go to school? I grew up in Evergreen, so there was only one high school. I have the greatest friends on earth from there to this day!!! I also went to IntelliTec College where I recieved My Associates in Medical Assisting.


Free time: Spend time with my 13 year old man child and family. Love the water so we go boating on the Res. a lot


Book on Your Nightstand: Something by James Patterson


Vacation spot: What’s a vacation? Love Hawaii, but would love to go to Bali!!


Favorite item in house: My bathroom, I could spend hours.


What do you want to say to future patients?

I look forward to being a part of their experience at Adonis Aesthetics!!!