Katie Klovas

Responsibilities at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa:      

My personal responsibilities at Adonis include Microdermabrasions, Chemical and Laser resurfacing, Botox, additional laser services, product and overall skin care consultations. My job as an Aesthetician is also to educate my clients on the importance of taking care of themselves and to give everyone a better understanding of what we do at Adonis and how our services can benefit our guests individually. I am honored to work with the honest and genuine team that we have! We all share the same goals for our business, and strive for customer service and satisfaction!

Favorite skin care tip/wellness tip:        

A fresh, glowing, radiant look starts from the inside out. A well balanced diet consisting of lots of fresh greens and fruits loaded with vitamins and antioxidants along with a consistent exercise routine is a healthy habit to start for total body wellness. Be sure to drink lots of water, and add some lemon for a fresh taste and additional cleansing! On top of a healthy lifestyle, a good at home skin care regime is very important at any age!! It will prevent aging skin as well as maintain a youthful look. Be sure your routine consists of exfoliating, a good vitamin C, moisturizer, and rain or shine-always remember to wear sunscreen!


Where did you go to school?        

My education started at The Salon Professionals Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. I advanced my education at Rocky Mountain Laser College, and College of International Aesthetics. Through continuing education, regular seminars, and conferences I keep my education up to date with the latest and greatest!


What do you like to do in your free time?       

I love spending time with my family and friends! I’m very family oriented, and my friends are a part of that!  I’ve recently picked up painting as a hobby. I find it to be a very good release from everyday life. Yoga is my favorite OM time, which I believe everyone needs! I love to travel and experience new places and things. The great outdoors is where you can usually count on finding me! I am a very fun loving person and enjoy living my life to the fullest!


Best advice ever received: All good things come with good time.

Where did you grow up?   I was born and raised here in Pueblo, CO

What is your favorite vacation spot?   

Even though I love water, sand, and sun I find myself in Las Vegas about 4-6x a year. However I think it’s more because of convenience and all the friends I have made there! In the next 2 years though my goal is to visit Bora Bora! I would like to visit the Cayman Islands again, but also want to experience the beauty of many new places including Thailand and Ireland. 


What is your favorite item in your house?    

Besides my closet that holds my shoes and purses, I would have to say the photos I have of my family and friends. They hold so many memories that fill my heart with joy.


What do you want to say to your future patients?       

I am so excited to meet each and every one of you! I look forward to assisting you with all of your skin care needs and providing you with the knowledge and education of your individual needs! Having a better understanding of how the skin operates and learning about your particular skin condition will enhance your results and give you the knowledge of how to maintain and increase the longevity of your treatments. It’s never too late or early to start taking care of your skin! Come in and take a tour our beautiful spa, meet our friendly staff, and take advantage of a complimentary skin care consultation to get yourself started on your road to success to the most beautiful, confident you!