Erica Lucero

Title: Front Office


Responsibilities at Adonis Aesthetics: Scheduling Appointments, Customer Service


Favorite skin care tip/wellness tip: Moisturize!!!! Get Plenty of Exercise, Water and Sleep


Where did you go to school? Central High School and Pueblo Community College


What do you like to do in your free time? Have Fun!!!!!


Best advice ever received: Take EVERYTHING day by day :)


Where did you grow up? Pueblo, CO.


What book is currently on your nightstand? PSYCHOGENESIS ‘ It all begins in the mind’


What is your favorite vacation spot? Las Vegas Baby!!!! My Brother moved there a few years ago, so I go see him every year!!!


Favorite Starbucks drink? Iced Chai Tea


What’s playing on your Ipod right now? Classic Rock, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Classical….I Absolutely LOVE Music 


 What is your favorite item in your house? My Blender -SMOOTHIES


What do you want to say to your future patients?  Come out and see what we have to offer!!!!