Corina Rodriguez

Responsibilities at Adonis Cosmetic Surgery & Spa:   Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Fillers, Micoderms, Laser Resurfacing, Smooth Shapes


Favorite skin care tip/wellness tip:  Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen,    Drink plenty of water.



Where did you go to school?  In Kansas and in Denver


What do you like to do in your free time?  I love to rollerblade, watch my kids play sports, and read.

Best advice ever received:  A friend is someone that gives you total freedom to be yourself……Jim Morison

Where did you grow up? I grew in Dodge City, Kansas


 What book is currently on your nightstand? The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews


What is your favorite vacation spot?  Pakora, Nepal


What’s playing on your Ipod right now? Etta James


 What is your favorite item in your house?  TV


What do you want to say to your future patients?  Thank you for allowing me to be at your service……